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    I’ve been working as a counselor/therapist for the past 11 years. In that time, I’ve acquired a great deal of clinical experience across many settings including; inpatient psychiatric hospitals, CPS (Child Protective Services), community mental health clinics, court-ordered drug treatment, corrections, and now private practice.

    I have three Master’s degrees in counseling, addiction, and marriage and family therapy. I have certifications in treating problem gambling, anger management, EMDR, and mindfulness. Whenever possible I incorporate my therapy dog,* Duffy, into the session using AAT (animal-assisted therapies).”

    * A therapy dog is different from an ESA-emotional service animal. These animals have extensive training and serve as co=therapists in the session.

    In my clinical work I treat adult men and women of all ages. I believe I bring a unique perspective to interpreting, strategizing, and solving individual and relationship problems.

    My first career was in graphic design. I loved creating but found it too isolating and self-absorbed. I wanted to be directly involved with helping people. For years, I was the go-to guy for advice about people’s problems. This vocation grew during a period of intense, church involvement including: evangelism, missions work, and teaching. Seeing my own therapist helped me process my family’s addiction problems and dysfunction. In 2000, I began the academic training towards becoming a counselor. It’s been a long journey but I’m grateful for every step as helping people through therapy is the most satisfying work I’ve done.


    • LCPC: Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Maryland
    • LCADC: Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Maryland
    • LMFT: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Virginia
    • CAMS II: Certified Anger Management Specialist II,
    • National Anger Management Association 
    • NCGC I: National Certified Gambling Counselor I, MD Center on Problem Gambling
    • Maryland Center for Excellence on Problem Gambling Counselor
    • CMIC 1: Certified Mindfulness Informed Clinician, Evergreen
    • EMDR Trained, EMDR Institute


    1. Licensed in Maryland as LCPC (professional counselor)
    2. LCADC (alcohol/drug counselor)
    3. In Virginia as LMFT (marriage and family therapist).