• Blake and Batts Must Go

    The month of May saw 38 murders in Baltimore. The mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake reports she is “discouraged” by this news. The police commissioner, Anthony Batts describes what a “good relationship” the residents of Baltimore have with the police. I’m insulted. By June 3rd there were 3 additional murders. In the past week, Blake has reported she has “confidence” that the police will restore order in the city.

    Since long before the April riots, neither Blake nor Batts have discussed any plan or shown any leadership for the city of Baltimore. Both have shown they are not competent or capable of making difficult choices necessary to restore order and safety for the residents of the city. When asked directly about her actions around the riots, lawyer-liar, mayor arrogantly defended herself. Batts seems to be in a coma.

    I don’t understand how residents of this city aren’t holding these two responsible. She is the head of the city and chose him as the head of the police department. She’s a failure and he’s a failure.

    Why are they still in office? Why aren’t residents demanding their resignation? Are Baltimoreans that lazy? Is it because they’re African-American? Are our expectations of elected officials that low?

    Rawlings-Blake and Batts are examples of the failed longstanding leaders and policies of the majority Democratic party. It’s time for both officials to go.

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