• Rates & Insurance

    Rates & Insurance


    The cost of therapy sessions range in price depending on whether the session is covered by insurance ($105) or is paid out-of-pocket ($150).

    Out-of-pocket rates ($150) apply for the following counseling services:

    • Couple therapy
    • EMDR therapy
    • Sex Addiction therapy
    • Animal Assisted Therapy
    • Emotional Support Animal designation
    • Documentation of sessions for any reason ($150 per page)

    For individual sessions the rate of insurance reimbursement is typically $105 per session.


    I accept many insurances as payment for therapy services. Below is the current list:

    • Bluecross Blueshield
    • Carefirst
    • United Healthcare

    Every insurance plan is different. I will work with you and your insurance to expedite the reimbursement process. Most clients have a copay amount they owe for each session. This varies depending on the plan and can range from ($5 - $35). The copay is due at the end of each session. Also some insurance plans have a deductible amount. This varies based on the plan and is an amount that the client has to “meet” or pay out-of-pocket at the beginning of each insurance calendar year. Until the deductible is met, the insurance will not reimburse for any healthcare service. Occasionally you will have to contact your insurance to resolve unpaid claims.


    For copays, unpaid claims and out-of-pocket clients, I accept cash, checks and cards.

    Cancellation Policy

    If a client cancels an appointment less than 24 hours prior or simply does not show up, this is regarded as a “same-day cancellation.” In this case, the client is responsible for the total cost of the session. Their insurance does not cover this cost. This is not personal, it is a standard business policy for counselors.

    Please note:

    Please Note: I do not work with and do not feel qualified to work with the following:

    • I do not work with clients with any legal/court cases including; disability; workman’s comp; custody; divorce
    • I do not work with clients with any Opiate Misuse history or current involvement with MAT (Methadone Assisted Treatment) or Suboxone treatment
    • I will not continue to work with any client who attends a session under the influence of any drugs or alcohol
    • I do not work with clients with any violent charges
    • I do not work with clients with any animal cruelty charges
    • I do not work with clients with a Schizophrenia diagnosis
    • I do not work with clients with certain Personality disorders

    Please contact me with any rates or insurance questions.