• Recommendations


    Bruce is resourceful, insightful and extremely helpful in developing progress for all of my varieties of mental health struggles. I enjoy meeting with him often as there are times when hard topics are untangled. His resources include a plethora of contacts for additional support, tapping techniques and EMDR therapy. The grounding tools he has shared have provided me a better sense of my own capacity to maintain stability.
    After 21 yrs married, my wife and I were both completely fed up. Our relationship was broken and in desperate need of help. We were so fortunate to connect with Bruce Ferguson. Things slowly began to progress, and after 12 months of counseling, we both credit Bruce with helping us to fully resurrect our dying marriage. Bruce helped us to open up as he listened, learned about us, and remained neutral. We were impressed with his uncanny ability to facilitate issues and topics of discussion, even when we seemed to think there was nothing bothering us at that particular time or scheduled session. We're most appreciative of what he has accomplished with us, and we highly recommend his services!
    Steve B.
    “The best therapist I have ever had. It took me a while to think up this review, because Bruce has changed my life so much, it's hard to express that in a short paragraph. Together, we have worked through so many of my issues, both past and present. He made me realize many things about myself and how I hold onto my past trauma, and how to accept it and move on. He cares about his patients so much, he gets excited when I'm doing well and goes out of his way to help when I'm not. I recall in particular one time I was really struggling and he did some research to find new things to help me. He is also LGBT+ friendly, I am a trans man and he has been very understanding there as well.”
    “Bruce is a mental health clinician who appears to be extremely devoted to supporting the mental health welfare of his clients. He appears to be the type of clinician who is continually seeking to develop his skills to stay current with best practice clinical approaches and strategies. Mr. Ferguson makes himself available for clients with urgent needs. He appears to be passionate about his work. Bruce has excellent skills for developing relationships and client trust.”
    “Bruce has been extremely helpful with helping us repair our relationship and resolve conflicts. He’s helped us find new ways for us to better understand each other and move forward together in a much more positive way. We have been able to overcome BIG obstacles in our relationship with his assistance. We would highly recommend him for individual or couples therapy.”
    “I have been attending Bruce’s therapy services for three years now and he has tremendously helped me in my personal growth journey. I have been able to hold better relationships and have more stable mental health. I highly recommend Bruce.” BL “Bruce has been my therapist for the last two and a half years. He has worked with me through some of the most important chapters of my life up to this point and has remained with me as a genuinely caring, unbiased and supportive listener, equipping me with tools and resources that I’ve made a part of my mental health management strategy. He’s been there for me through anxiety, panic attacks, depression, difficult family relationships, couples therapy and more. I would highly recommend Bruce to anybody who is looking for a really good therapist.”
    “I have been attending Bruce’s therapy services for three years now and he has tremendously helped me in my personal growth journey. I have been able to hold better relationships and have more stable mental health. I highly recommend Bruce.”
    Bruce Ferguson is an outstanding mental health practitioner. He has consistently helped me deal with depression and anxiety as they’ve ebbed and flowed over the past few years. Not only has Bruce helped with my general mental health, but he has also helped me to gain insight and perspective with regards to specific events and situations in my life. Our sessions are not merely theoretical or cerebral. Rather, they are practical and promote positive change. Bruce is such a positive influence in my life that I continue to work with him regularly as events and situations present themselves. I cannot recommend Bruce enough. He is a consummate professional and an expert in his field.
    Bruce Ferguson truly believes in people. He offers his clients compassion and the tools to work through their problems. I see the progress I have made with Mr. Ferguson. He is highly recommended.
    "We are doing well and making great progress because of you. We think you are amazing and have been a huge contributor to our success. If there is anything we can do to help promote your practice, please let us know!"
    Jen and Larry C.
    "You helped my son so much with his behavioral problems. It was great for me to have somewhere to vent about the behavior and the related family problems."
    Terry R.
    “At this point in my life, you are the only person I feel comfortable enough with to be completely honest."
    B. Barkley
    “I could never forget you. You helped me so much. I would never have had the confidence in my current relationships if I hadn't worked with you.”
    Connie M.
    "Bruce is the most effective therapist I have ever worked with. He gives 110% and then some. He has a unique therapeutic style of working where I know I am truly heard and understood."
    N. Rosenberg
    "I found the David Burns books to be very helpful. I'm a bit of a nerd so learning from a book worked for me. I found the exercises you gave me helpful as well. It forced me to look at things from a different point of view. Thanks for everything!"
    Megan D.