• Sex Addiction

    Sex Addiction

    Out of control sexual behavior or hypersexuality is my area of specialization. I’ve been successfully treating men with this problem for the last 8 years. It’s my priviledge to help men achieve their goals of sobriety, functionality, healthy sexuality, reconciliation and peace.
    This controversial issue can range from compulsive masturbation to secretive chatting and webcam use to internet pornography and anonymous sexual encounters. Not to be confused with cheating, sex addiction goes beyond infidelity to encompass a complex cycle of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that ironically can have little to do with sex. This obsessive-compulsive behavior causes severe problems in the person’s life and leaves them feeling guilty, ashamed, depressed and isolated and in some cases, with legal or medical problems.
    There are contributing factors affecting the client’s libido and sexual behavior including medical issues: brain changes, brain injuries, bipolar disorder, pharmacological effects and trauma); nurture (how one is raised), and emotional, physical and social development.
    As with other addiction problems, many sex addicts resolve their problems entirely on their own. Most need help. Sex addiction is treatable and requires a conscious action plan that involves behavior and lifestyle changes, accountability, radical acceptance, harm reduction strategies, cognitive behavioral work, and support group participation. The length of treatment varies with each client depending on their goals and the severity of the problem.

    Some questions to ask yourself in a sex addiction assessment:
    Does my sexual behavior put me at risk legally, medically,
    professionally or relationally?
    Do I trust others to meet my needs?
    Is sex my most important need?
    Am I dealing with an untreated mental health issue (anxiety, depression, mood swings, trauma, etc.)?
    Do I lie about my sexual behaviors?
    Does it feel like I can’t control my sexual behaviors?
    Do I have compulsive relations with multiple partners, including strangers?
    Do I feel guilty and remorseful after sex?
    Depending on your answers to these questions may indicate a sex addiction problem.
    These sessions are not covered by insurance. The cost is $150 per session, payable at the end of each session.