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Bruce Ferguson, LCPC

Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy

I provide assessments,

evaluations, and ongoing psychotherapy for a variety of client groups including:

• Individuals

Individual therapy for teens and adults.

• Couples

Couple therapy for married and unmarried couples and partners. Mongomous and polyamourous couples.

• Families

Family therapy for traditional

and blended families.

I treat a variety of client

issues including:

• Addiction Problems

Addiction counseling, chemical dependency counseling and substance abuse counseling, different names for the same thing. I also treat Compulsive Gambling, and Sexual Addictions. Couple and family issues are addressed as well as codependency, legal, medical, employment and housing implications.

• Anxiety Disorders

Therapy for multiple forms

of anxiety including Generalized Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Phobias,


• Co-occuring Disorders

Treating clients who have an addiction problem as well as a mental health issue.

• Grief and Loss

Bereavement for all types of losses including loss of spouse, child, family member, finances, friend, pet, career, relationship, and health.

• Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues

Treatment for abuse, addiction problems, bullying, coming-out challenges, HIV and AIDS, same sex attraction, and relationship problems.

• Mood Disorders

Therapy for all forms of depression, and bipolar disorders.

Relationship Problems

Communication problems, divorce, infidelity, codependency, conflict resolution, coparenting skills, sexual dysfunction, and pre-marital counseling.

• Sexual Addiction

Anonymous sexual encounters, compulsive masturbation, internet pornography, residual HIV & STDs, and paraphilias.

• Exceptions

I do not provide the following services: MVA driver evaluations, Disability evaluations, or gun competency evaluations.